About Us

DeeLangford Testing is a team of testing collection professionals headed by Delores H. Langford, LPN.

Delores Langford has been in the Drug & Alcohol Testing – Program Management Industry since the federal government began the program in 1995-1996, requiring all commercial drivers and those with hazmat endorsements to enter into random testing programs. The program since its inception has expanded now to any business who wants a drug free work environment and don’t have commercial drivers.

A volunteer at the Chautauqua Adult Day Care Center, she received the Northern Chautauqua County Chamber Community Service Award in 1999.

Teaching the public and all of the people I come in contact with regarding the correct procedures and protocol regarding collections/testing is what motivates me in this business and makes me want to expand what I do each day. I built my business from the ground up, there was no one before me so it was learn as you go and this was what made it exciting.

Being around trucks as a young kid with my dad also kept me interested in the “Big Rig” industry. With that in mind I felt by setting up this type of business it would be a tool I could work my skills/knowledge into the trucking industry.

She previously taught Basic 1st Aid, CPR, and was part of the Clinical Instructor EMT Program. Her appointments include

  • NYS Commission Quality of Care for the Mentally Handicapped Surrogate
  • Decision Making Committee Panel Member and Trained Panel Chairperson
  • 2011 End of Life Decision Making Panel Member and Chairperson
  • Chautauqua Adult Day Care Program Board of Directors

Her experience also includes being a NYS Corrections Officer and Cattaraugus County Sheriff, receiving several certifications, including

  • NYS Certified Correction’s/Peace Officer
  • NYS Board of Elections Inspector
  • NYS Certified Finger Print Technician